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With Sun Star solar panels you will not only greatly reduce or even
eliminate heating costs for your pool, but you will also be able to
enjoy a warm swim earlier in spring and later in autumn.
SunStar panels and their companion Heliocol and Heat Kit panels are an
exceptionally attractive way of putting free solar energy to use, combining
low initial cost with high quality, proven performance and durability. All are
made by the world's first and largest solar pool heating manufacturer and
comply with international ISO 9002 standards.
Between spring and autumn, these panels can provide most of the
heating a pool needs - whether it is outdoors or indoors - at negligible
operating cost.

Pool temperatures of 30°C or more can be achieved and the panels can even
work on cloudy days if the air is warmer than the pool. This can often be
case in spring if the pool is outdoors and has been allowed to go cold over winte
Pool water is pumped directly through the panels, so there is no need for a
separate heat exchanger. As the panels are warmed by the sun, the heat collected is
carried away into the pool by the circulating water.

Each panel consists of a large number of small tubes separated by an air gap and joined
to top and bottom headers to form a single moulding of black, flexible, UVstabilised
polypropylene. The overmoulding process used in the panels' production was a
breakthrough that enabled the manufacturers to be the first to offer a 10-year warranty.
State-of-the-art technology and a computerised, highly-automated production line result in
a very uniform product of superior, consistent quality.
Hundreds of SunStar panels are now in use throughout the UK,
heating private, commercial and public pools, while worldwide
the number runs into hundreds of thousands, across a range of
climate extremes.
SunStar panels come in two sizes - 3.25m by 1.24m and 3.85m by 1.24m. If space is a problem,
you can choose a smaller Heliocol panel measuring 2.30m by 1.20m. SunStar and Heliocol panels
are virtually identical except for their header tubes - one is square, the other round. They also have
different roof-mount fittings but all their other fittings are interchangeable.

The Heat Kit, whose panel measures 6.40m by 1.20m, is designed for small pools up to about
20 sq m in area and with filtration systems using flexible hose. The panel is supplied rolled up in its
own box along with flexible hoses, hose clamps and an installation and use guide. All you have to do
is choose a sunny spot for the panel, roll it out and connect the hoses to the pool's filtration system.