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upper bank had to be dug away and less
gradually work around the pool using a
were painted with bitumen paint and covered
than a foot at the lower level, Stuart & Cherie
template cut from MDF.
with expanded polystyrene insulating sheet.
had decided to do the job by hand. Although
5. A thin layer of sand covered by synthetic
The narrow trench between the pool wall and
the top level of the garden was then filled
this meant a great deal of hard work shifting
felt completed the foundation. The pool liner
barrow loads of soil and chalk, the alternative
was then put in place and secured with clips
with a lean, almost dry concrete mix, while
- hiring a mechanical digger - would have
to one of the top rails.
around the rest of the pool the soil was
6. Filling the pool took about three days (it
replaced and turf laid. As a finishing touch, a
necessitated removing a fence and destroying
part of the garden to provide access.
was not done at night to avoid any risk of a
paved area 24ft x 6ft was laid along the top
l evel of the pool, with the ladder fittings
2. Next, the pool frame had to be assembled
sudden flood as the Lumsdens slept). While
- a job rather like putting a large Meccano
the pool was filling, the remaining vertical
concreted into it.
set together. Parts that would eventually be
supports and top rails were fitted and a skim-
7. Fortunately, the roof area available for the
buried needed to be coated in bitumen paint,
mer and return inlet plumbed in.
five SunStar solar panels was considerably
so most of these were laid out on the garage
The pump and sand filter were placed in a
wider and longer from top to bottom than
small pump house about half way between
required. With nearly 2ft clear at the top of
floor and painted before assembly.
3. Then the pool wall, over 77ft of steel sheet
the pool and the bungalow. Stuart & Cherie
the panels, most of the work of fixing them to
weighing about 200lb, had to be unrolled,
opted for a manual solar control system, with
the roof could be done from the three Velux
valves in the pipe work after the filter to
windows immediately above them.
placed upright in the bottom rail of the frame
and bolted together at the ends. Fortunately,
divert pool water through the panels when it
8. Because of their light weight (less than
a friend was on hand to help.
is sunny, rather than a fully automatic control
20lb), the panels were easy to lift onto the
4. Before the PVC liner could be laid inside
roof before being secured at the top with
the wall, an 8" deep coving had to be made
Before back-filling around the pool could
mounting pads. Each pad was fixed to the
take place, parts of the structure that would
roof with a galvanised coach screw passing
out of sand at the inner base of the wall. The
simplest way to do this proved to be to
be buried and had not already been treated
through a small hole drilled in the simulated
Work progresses from initial
to erection of the pool
supporting frame and walls and
installation of the pvc liner which,
when full, holds 9000 gals of water.

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