Turn even the smallest pool into a never ending stream with a COUNTERCURRENT   SWIMMING   MACHINE
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Through wall built in Badu-Jets examples - Classic and Smart

Swim on the spot without ever reaching the end of your pool or having to turn around, like an aquatic treadmill. You will never find your pool boring or unstimulating with one of these fun water features. Through-the-wall built-in countercurrent units are an unobtrusive and luxurious solution for new pools. But if your pool exists already, or if you have a prefabricated or above ground pool, all is not lost! With our very affordable range of retro-fit over the wall swim-jets you can transform your pool rapidly into a fun invigorating exercise playground.

Although primarily designed to create an endless lap pool, they are not just for swimming against. These clever devices are fun and healthy for children and adults alike. They really bring a pool to life, with exciting waves and dancing bubbles to sooth, tickle, and massage your body. The perfect anti-stress therapy.

We have machines with varying powers, prices and configurations to suit all pool owners and their families.

Any pools can be endless pools. Budget jetstreams for fun and exercise in the waves, medium strength for gentle fitness training, and the most powerful for more serious swimmers.

Over the wall afterthought swimjets